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Uppforsa Bruk 


Looking at the future from a solid background

The company was founded in 1988 and has existed in its current form since 2003. Since we first opened our doors, we have been providing services of the highest quality. Through adaptability, extensive knowledge and business networks, we have continually developed and adapted our business.


Since 2020 we operate under the name Uppforsa Bruk and mark our 20th anniversary in 2023. Uppforsa Bruk has its roots in the nineteenth century and is now a privately owned company that strives to be a relevant and active owner and participant in business activities, companies and projects.


Through Uppforsa Bruk we contribute as active partners, investors and creators of various businesses, ideas and organisations. Uppforsa Bruk derives from the term "upstream", meaning "in the path towards the stream", "up the river", and "bruk" is the very epitome of a job well done.


We are ready to work with businesses and initiatives that need to "go upstream" to find the best way forward.

A foundation in management and advisory

Uppforsa Bruk have a solid background in business management in asset and fund management, insurance and pensions as well as strategic consulting and implementation. 


With that background, we take on new projects and lead new initiatives.

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