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Investment Management


Institutional Investment Advisory för Asset Owners, Platforms & Investment Portfolios

We offer strategic advice and partnership with organisations that want to improve and develop their investment portfolio, investment offering or market approach. 


We advise and support Insurers and institutional investment organisations, such and pension funds, fund platforms and asset owners in their strategic planning, asset allocation, manager structure, and investment manager selection.

Asset Manager and Investment Platform Consulting

Helping asset managers and investment platforms to develop and execute their business plan,  through strategic advice, execution and market research.

Together we address specific challenges and provide support during the execution.

Pensions and Define Contribution Strategy and Design

Helping pensions- and defined contribution providers to develop and enhance the design, investment proposition and member relevance off the offered investment options. 

We will also be a partner in developing the business and navigating the competitive landscape.


Our experience and combined resourced can take on very specialized or complex projects and challenges for organisations in a rapidly changing environment

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